My Basketball Stance Presentation

This week in Language Arts class, I did a presentation on what is the best basketball stance. Other people also did a presentation and they were super good. I was super nervous to do mine but it was fun. The experience was fun and I felt like I had all the attention while talking. I had to do research on my subject, and I also learned about my topic on the way to presenting. At the end of my presentation, I had a call to action, which is basically saying what you want the audience to try. Mine was to practice this basketball stance and form.

Tree Books

This year in Language Arts class we made tree books with a poem about when covid is over, a letter about how our family members have taught us life lessons, and lastly, we had a life list.

The process wasn’t easy though. We first had to print writing onto thick paper. We put a stencil down the rolled paint over it. After we printed the writing onto paper, we painted a piece of paper and glued the printed paper to it. After that, we rolled painted leaves on paper and printed them. We did this multiple times and collaged all of it onto the pieces of paper. Once all the decorating was done we started writing the poems, life list, and letters and glued the onto the paper.

After we made them, they were put on display in the Frank Gallery in University Place mall on Saturday, May 21. Sadly I couldn’t go because I had a lacrosse tournament but people still got to see my tree book.

Stocks Project


This year in 6th grade we learned about stocks and the stock market. This was one of my favorite units of this year.

For our project, we had an imaginary $20,000 to spend on six stocks. We couldn’t buy or sell. Each week we would check our stocks and update our stock sheet. The first few weeks I was doing fine until the stock market crashed a little bit. In the end, I lost $3,000. 

The stocks I chose were Home Depot, Krispy Kreme, Starbucks, American Electric Power, The Boeing company, and Apple. I chose these stocks because I use these companies or know about them. This was important to me because I don’t want to buy a share of something I don’t use.

The reason why we did this as a class was because stocks are a life skill and can be someone’s job. If we know how to do stocks we can set ourselves up for life if we invest well enough. I didn’t know that much about stocks until this unit and now I think I could talk about stocks.

We also learned about The Westing Game and how that connects to stocks. Turtle in The Westing Game watched the stock market in school and had a lot of money on stocks. Turtle knew when to buy the stock and when to sell. After she sold her stock she got a lot of money.

This project was really interesting and fun. This is also something people can do on their own. Hopefully, you give this a try.

Field Trip

This week our grade went to the Morehead Planetarium. We watched a live science show that was really good. We learned about electricity, gases, and gravity. My favorite part was when she showed us dry ice. When she dropped the dry ice, one of the clouds hit my hand and it was really cold. We also had a tour of the place. My favorite part of the tour was when they let us build buildings with cardboard legos. Lastly, we watched a dome show and that was my favorite part. The dome show was about astronauts’ training and what they need to learn to go into space. Mostly they need to know basic safety and how things work up in space. The Morehead Planetarium made the video educational but also funny. This was the first field trip I have been on in years and also one of my favorite field trips ever.

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Theodore Boone

Theodore Boone, Kid Lawyer is a book I read. It is a mystery book and part action. The book is about a thirteen-year-old kid. His parents are lawyers and he wants to be a lawyer. One day there is this courtroom case about a man that killed his wife. There is no evidence, but one day Theo’s friend says his illegal cousin saw the murder. Since he is illegal he can’t talk to the police. Read the book to figure out how things work things out. Right now I am reading Theodore Boone, The Fugitive. I am not going to give spoilers but so far it is really good.

Ja Morant

Ja Morant is a basketball player from the grizzlies and is really talented. Last night he had 52 points. In the last 4 games, he has had three 40 or more point games. This is only his third year in the NBA. I personally am going to watch him get better and better over the years. He got rookie of the year and he has already been an All-Star. He is also a really good passer too. How do you feel about him?

The Red And Blue Coat

This is my comic version of The Red and Blue Coat. The Red and Blue Coat is a wisdom tale. A wisdom is kind of like a fable with a moral to keep in life. For example, the moral for The Red and Blue Coat is always look in different perspectives. I really like wisdom tales because they are fun stories with life long lessons. The reason I picked The Red and Blue Coat was because I thought this would be a fun wisdom tale to draw. The tale is about two friends with two farms. One day a man wore a red and blue coat and the friends argued what color it was. Making the comic wasn’t too easy. Some great apps I used was Comic Life 3 and Sketch Book. On Sketch Book I made all the images and on Comic Life 3. I chose the format and the captions of the comic. All around this project was super fun and I encourage you guys to make comics.


This weekend I went to the mountains. It snowed but I am not talking a little snow, there was a lot.Ten inches to be exact. That also means we could not drive back home though. We had to stay an extra day to make sure it was safe to leave. I glad the house had a ping pong table, shuffle board table, a pool table, hot tub and an arcade. So I wasn’t that mad when I heard we were staying another night. I played in the snow a lot but sadly we couldn’t sled because the snow was too soft. Instead we climbed a steep hill and body sledded down it. I had a blast and hopefully the next trip I have will be as fun.

Carolina Panthers

The NFL team the Carolina Panthers started the season 3-0 so we were doing great. Then we lost like five games straight. Our record right now is 5-7 or 5-8. We are definitely not making the playoffs and we are going to need a better defense and offense. Next year is hopefully our year and hopefully we get a good player in the draft.